San Francisco, CA () - DigitalCustom Group, Inc. today announced that it has signed an agreement with DEEP Japan Co., Ltd. of Fukuoka, Japan, to become DEEP's fulfillment provider for custom digital photo repair and restoration. DEEP Japan was a pioneering entrant into the Japanese online photofinishing business when it launched its "Net DPE" service in 1997. Through its agreement with DigitalCustom, DEEP Japan appears to become the first high volume online print provider to offer customers comprehensive professional photo restoration and repair without ever leaving the digital photofinishing Web site.

Many online printing sites provide do-it-yourself tools, which perform only basic edits. DigitalCustom's comprehensive, artist-executed, digital editing services at now give DEEP Japan users full access to the power of custom professional editing.

DigitalCustom's President, Jeff Makoff said, "DEEP Japan's execution in online photofinishing has been outstanding. It is logical for DEEP not only to offer digital prints, but also to give DEEP's customers access to custom image editing services. DEEP recognizes that the option for customers to fix serious defects and obtain high quality restorations is a powerful benefit of digital photography. DEEP's Net DPE customers will love this service."

Kunihiro Handa, President of DEEP Japan said, "DEEP Japan's customers will appreciate the huge flexibility that this service offers. With just a few clicks, a customer can have any problem in a photo fixed -- with almost no limitation. This service goes far beyond red eye repair and minor enhancements. Customers will be able to have severe lighting problems solved, remove people, turn snapshots into portraits and glamour shots and many other services. DigitalCustom's commitment to the highest quality work will be appreciated by our customers."

About DEEP Japan
DEEP Japan's online service prints digital images into silver halogen prints using specialized software and Internet. By not charging a 'basic fee' or shipping, DEEP delivers L size prints at the very the low price of 40 yen. DEEP Japan offers next day delivery in most major cities in Japan and is the No. 1 provider of online digital prints in Japan. DEEP Japan is seeking to extend its business worldwide by partnerships with photo labs in all customer markets. DEEP Japan's Web address is DEEP Japan's business contact is Mrs. Tomoko Kawakita (e-mail:

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About DigitalCustom
DigitalCustom Group offers custom digital photo editing services to photo retailers, marketing agencies, media companies, photographers, in-house corporate creative departments and consumers (through "DigitalCustom" and "Image-Edit & Art"). DigitalCustom's corporate offices are in San Francisco, California and its worldwide customer service facility is in Cincinnati, Ohio. More information about DigitalCustom Group is available on the company's corporate/professional Web site at and its consumer site at DigitalCustom's business development representative for Japan is Mr. Tomo Nakagawa (e-mail:

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